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Why You Should Ride a Bike to Work

Adapting to riding a bike to work has been a really smart decision. I’m now to a point where I ride my bike to work and to run errands — unless they require trunk space like shopping for groceries. I am feeling better and healthier because of this new active lifestyle. And I can’t complain about the effects of biking on my leg muscles!

The reason I have switched is not about these things, though. I am riding my bike more because of the environment and traffic. I know that my car contributes to pollution and makes the air quality in my city worse. I just feel so bad about it!

Another, more selfish goal, was to cut down on my commute time. Crazily enough, riding my bike to work actually gets me to work more quickly than driving. I am not a particularly fast cyclist, but the traffic in the morning is so bad that a bike is a quicker mode of transportation.

There are some downsides, however. I cannot listen to music or the radio as I normally did when driving to work in the mornings and after work, driving home. Some cyclists listen to music through headphones, but it is extremely dangerous. Not being able to hear other cyclists behind you, or cars approaching on all sides, makes riding a bike a risky activity.

But even without headphones, riding a bike can still be riskier than driving a car. I did some research on the prevalence and conditions of bike accidents and The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee website was super helpful. According to the site, there are thousands of collisions involving bicycles every year. A lot of them are caused by inattention or disregard for cyclists, and that’s because it is still far more common to drive. If someone doesn’t regularly ride a bicycle, it can be easy to forget to share the road or be on the lookout for cyclists.

Distracted driving is a big culprit, but it is not fair to pretend like cyclists are only ever the victim. Sometimes, erratic cycling or poor turn hand signal indications can lead to cyclists being hit or side-swiped in a road. Intersection accidents are also places where confusion and chaos can lead to collisions between cars and bikes.

The true danger of cycling accidents, however, stems from cyclists who don’t wear helmets. Always wear one! It’s a hassle as I bike to work, to know that my hair is getting messed up right before walking into the office. But my life is worth it and I will do what’s necessary to live a healthy life.

It is recommended that you seek legal representation if you get into a bike accident because insurance companies are inclined to blame cyclists for not riding carefully, even when it is clearly the driver’s fault. I’ve been safe so far, but I know I’ll turn to a firm like the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee if I ever need to fight for fair compensation after an accident.

Getting Car Insurance in the Internet Age

The need to have insurance coverage is a must when you want to own and drive a vehicle. Because people are often rushing to get on the road, getting insurance has also been made easier. Online insurance have become very popular because of their convenience. According to Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, getting insurance quotes from various insurance providers has become faster and easier once you get online. You do not have to get to an agency and just have to log in and chat with people online to get the best insurance quotes that you think would apply to you and cover your needs.

The convenience of the internet has made it very possible to talk with various insurance companies. N turn, these insurance companies have started to offer more affordable insurance for their clients. The transaction can all be done online, and information that is related to offer insurance policies can be quickly accessed online. What makes online insurance companies more appealing is that they can be contacted quickly through their online help desk that can provide you with information and assistance 24/7.

When choosing an online insurance provider, consider the type of vehicle you are getting insurance for. Often, expensive vehicles call for higher insurance premiums. Also, think about installing passive-restraint systems that would protect you and the passengers in an event of an accident: air bags, car alarms, and additional safety devices and systems are good investments and can lower your insurance premiums. Furthermore make sure to keep your driving records clean of any traffic violations or charges to avoid higher premiums. Being involved in an accident can make your insurance premiums higher because you have become a high-risk client

No matter how safe or defensive you drive, you can never be too sure that other drivers are as responsible as you. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, therefore being prepared can help prevent devastating financial issues that accidents can lead to. Not only can insurance coverage give you peace of mind, but it also ensures that your money is invested in something worthwhile.

Two most common dangers of driving during winter

It’s winter time again! Apart from the thrill the snowy weather brings, winter is also the time when driving could be a little bit more challenging, and dangerous. According to the website of the Resmini Law Office, car accidents during winter might be a result of a variety of factors: reckless driving, automotive defect, poor road condition, among many others. Here are the two most common dangers of winter driving that you should watch out for when hitting the road:

Poor visibility

During winter, lack of visibility can be a serious problem. Not only is poor visibility makes you more prone to rear-end collisions, it also makes you more vulnerable to other hazards on the road. When you hit the road with poor visibility, remember to turn on your hazard lights to prevent other cars from hitting you. You should also turn your headlights to provide you added depth.

You should also maintain safe distance to avoid hitting other vehicles. When the situation becomes more and more unmanageable, you should slow down and safely veer towards the emergency bay, with the headlights and hazard lights turned on, and wait for the visibility to improve.

Black ice

Black ice is a slippery patch of frozen water on the surface of the road. It is termed “black” because the clear ice adapts the color of the road, making it an unseen danger for motorists driving during winter. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), black ice is considered among the deadliest, if not the deadliest, road danger during weekend.

To avoid black ice-related incidents while on the road, remember to only use tires that are designed for winter use. You can also prevent deadly black ice by driving cautiously and with anticipation. Finally, when you hit a patch of ice, remember not to brake suddenly or to make any jerky turn, as it may cause your car to hydroplane and spin. Instead, steer your car to the direction where you want it to go while decelerating smoothly. You can do this by taking your foot off the gas pedal slowly, and by switching gears down.

Personal Injury, Helmets, and the Law

Helmets can make or break a personal injury case. It all depends on what the law says about liability, and how a judge and jury will react.

Helmets are not mandatory in all states. Iowa, for example, no longer has a helmet law. It had one in 1968 when the state legislature was forced to enact one when the federal government made it a condition to getting funds released. When this pressure was lifted in 1986, Iowa repealed the law, so motorcycle riders have no legal motivation to wear one when on the road.

Studies consistently show that helmets reduce the severity of head injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, and this can be used by a defendant in a personal injury suit to shift at least part of the blame to the plaintiff. Proving that a third party was negligent is by default an uphill battle when the plaintiff was on a motorcycle because there is a tendency for people to believe that motorcycle riders frequently engage in a risky behavior. In Iowa, having a helmet at the time of the incident can help dispel this impression under the guidance of a skilled and shrewd motorcycle accident lawyer.

Another law that has significance in personal injury claims is found in Iowa Code Chapter 688 which deals with tort liability. Iowa follows the comparative negligence doctrine, wherein a plaintiff who is partially at-fault for an accident can still recover partial damages, but only if the percentage of fault assigned is less than that of the defendant/s.  Not wearing a helmet can contribute significantly to the assigning of fault.

So what it all boils down to is that it makes overall sense to just wear the darn things, even if it gives you helmet hair. If you are involved in an accident in Iowa and get seriously injured, at least your lawyer can point out that even though you didn’t have to, you still wore a helmet. This goes a long way to convincing a jury at least that you are probably not in the habit of taking risks, and rule your way more favorably.

Technology to Minimize Car and Truck Accidents

It is no revelation that an accident involving a car and a truck is apt to result in serious injury or death to the car driver and liability problems for the truck driver and carrier. According to the website of McDonough truck accident lawyers at the Ausband Law Firm, drivers often become distracted, sleepy or simply bored while driving, making them less alert and more likely to cause an accident. It is therefore to everyone’s benefit, including insurance companies covering personal injury and commercial drivers and civil courts handling personal injury cases, to minimize the incidence of car/truck accidents.

Six million auto accidents occur on average each year in the US, and three million result in injury. Per day, that translates to about 18,000 auto accidents, and a person dies from a fatal car crash every 12 minutes. These are sobering statistics to ponder on, and considering that the chances of a fatality increases when the accident involves a truck or other large vehicle, it just makes sense to take steps to bring these numbers down. To learn more about your legal options after being involved in a car accident, contact a Massachusetts injury attorney for more information.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is doing just that. There have been ongoing programs and initiatives to increase driver awareness of safety regulations, reduce distracted driving, and educate drivers about the dangers of drunk driving. However, technology-driven solutions are also being considered specifically to prevent truck accidents. Crash-avoidance, GPS-based vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) connectivity, and side view assistance technology that are designed for trucks and other large vehicles have come into the market that has been piquing the interest of the NTSB.

It is estimated that at least one recent technology by commercial vehicle air brake manufacturer Bendix which automatically engages the brakes of a truck or bus in the event of an imminent crash has the potential to yield more than $3 billion in savings. This is based on a study conducted by the University of Michigan which was published National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This is all well and good, but when car and truck accidents occur despite these innovations, serious injuries or death can still occur. If you or a family member is involved in an accident that results in injury or death, you can consult with a personal injury lawyer to get advice on how you can seek the financial assistance you will need to get through it a little easier.

Personal injury attorneys who specialize in these kinds of accidents are well-equipped to help accident victims find the reason the accident occurred and pinpoint the party who should shoulder the blame. This can vary from drivers behaving negligently, to technicians installing safety technology incorrectly, to the technology itself being defective. This is why new technologies have extended testing periods before they are allowed to be sold to consumers.Many consumers also refuse to warm up to this sort of thing until they are proven to be dependable

Hopefully, these technologies will be effective in drastically reducing the instances of truck-related injuries. Nevertheless, no invention is perfect and there will almost always be someone who is hurt. When this happens, the skills and experience of a personal injury lawyer can be incredibly valuable to the injured party, as an attorney can guide him or her towards a successful lawsuit settlement or verdict.